Aakash Vani 106.5fm was created in 2008. Rated the #1 Easy Listening East Indian Station in the last media track Survey, we deliver a unique and captive audience to advertisers. Our content is easy on the ears and complementary to the day’s activities – home – work. Programming is constantly attuned to the interest of the market, with special emphasis on key festivals/occasions that is significant to the lifestyle of the audience

.e.g. Eid/Divali etc.

Age: 25 -65+ (the decision Makers) this accounts for:


  • 67% of the Mature East Indian Audience
  • Access to the decision makers in the family

What is Our Strategy

Aakash Vani 106.5fm strives to develop and deliver quality programming and implement a practice of sustainable and reliable content suitable to the audience. Our News coverage is delivered by CNC3, there by affording our listeners the latest news on the hour – from a respected and reliable source. Aakash Vani also deliver the most ‘live’ broadcasts of religious programming…nightly broadcast of Ramayans. These allow us a distinctive opportunity to align ourselves with the community and community groups.

Why Aaakash Vani 106.5fm

By culture and nature, the adults of the East Indian home exert high influence on the buying/brand selection of the next generation. This also applies to media choices, and it is with this in mind that we program our content.
With the right mix of inspirational and spiritual music we provide a media choice that is pleasing to the adult and offers them a station that caters to family… consistently offering strong and positive family values.

Aakash Vani 106.5fm offers advertisers:-

  • A key captive market: Adult East Indian
  • Secondary market - Exposure to family
  • Strong  community appeal – via the broadcasts of Ramayans etc
  • Association with a proven Network – TBC Group.

Characteristics of Aakash Vani 106.5fm

•    Inspiring - Always positive
•    Motivating - Sharing ideas
•    Confident - Encouraging and sharing experiences.

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